I really like the light in this image. It was taken in my conservatory using only natural light, it was far too wet and windy to venture outside. The rose was actually much more red than this in the original file, I think a little desaturation has worked well in this instance.


Another  image I really like the light on, taken at the same time as the image above. I thought the fine hairs on the stem are really great so I tried to enhance these with a little bit of dodging in Photoshop. I also added a little blur around the edges of the frame to hopefully focus the viewer’s eye into the centre of the image.



2 comments on “Flowers

  1. martin says:

    beautiful! very nice with the all black background.

    • skuk2 says:

      Thanks Martin, I was lucky enough to get the second image published in a national photo magazine. I was well chuffed. 🙂

      Never tried the black background look before, I think it really enhances the colour of the flowers more.

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