Waiting For The Washing

I was looking at some older images and found one I took a short while ago while wandering aimlessly through my garden. By getting low I could get an unusual angle on these washing pegs, hanging around waiting to be given a task.

I posted a mono version on my Home page then played around a bit with the Glowing Edges filter in Photoshop to create this one – I quite like it.


Beinn Alligin

This is my favourite image from last years holiday in the Torridon area of Scotland. Taken just above the south shore of Upper Loch Torridon looking over to Beinn Alligin – a Munro I am yet to conquer.

No fish today

Just chilling on this lazy Sunday when my wife reminded me that this time last year we were in Torridon, in Scotland, on our 25th wedding anniversary holiday. It was a great week in a great area and the memories of that break will last a long time.

It’s an area I hope to be revisiting before too long as the photo opportunities are fantastic. This image was taken as we walked along by the pier in a small village called Lower Diabaig.

It was late in the day, during a brief rain shower, when some rays of light burst through the overcast sky to play on this wreckage of what I imagine to be an old fishing boat.

I don’t claim to know the history of the area, however, I let my imagination drift to how much busier this village may have been before the first world war and the decline of the fishing industry along this western coast.

Seal’s Eye View

I wasn’t keen on going to the zoo as I still have mixed emotions about them but the children we were looking after wanted to see the lions and monkeys. The sight of the lions sitting motionless staring back at us, and the sand cat pacing backwards and forwards with nowhere to hide unfortunately soon set the day for me.

I’d put my camera away until I got to the seal and penguin enclosure where I saw the chance for this shot, taken from the tunnel under the water, looking up at some other zoo visitors looking at us.

I wonder if this is how the seals see us – we must seem weird.

Gerbera and Rose

Bought a few flowers from the local florist to try my hand at some close-ups, an article in a magazine prompted me to try this. I don’t have a full blown D-SLR but I was really pleased with some of the results I got from my HS10

Decking Weed

Noticed this little weed poking up from the darkness beneath my decking – where the spiders lurk. Thought it would be a good chance to try out my macro function. Think it worked pretty well. I didn’t have the heart to get the weed-killer out after taking several shots of him/her.