Stick ‘Em Up

New Year’s Day was bright sunshine for a change, perfect for a walk up my favourite local hill. Only problem is everyone else had the same idea – I guess I can share the hill.

The walk starts with an ascent through a wooded area before reaching open flat ground on the path to the summit. With the sun quite low still it created some nice shadows. I noticed this shadow of a large tree against a low wall. It appeared to be reaching for the skies – I shot it anyway!

Tree Shadow

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10 comments on “Stick ‘Em Up

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Hi Steve! Love the “I shot it anyway!”!!! And I like the picture too – the silhouette is dramatic, and the colour of the stonework in the low angle sun is wonderfully warm. Adrian

    • skuk2 says:

      Thanks Adrian, glad you like it. Your influence has got me ‘looking’ more when I’m on my walks. It’s not the sort of image I may have spotted before, thanks.

      • Adrian Lewis says:

        Well if I’m helping I’m glad, Steve! I’m always very willing to help.

        Its a question of really looking at things, of being open and receptive. And sometimes of considering the unthinkable. And once you get into it, you’re never ever bored – there’ll always be something to look at!

        The downside can be that you’re so busy looking that you fail to take in the overall feel and atmosphere of a place, you fail to truly experience a place. Adrian

  2. Meanderer says:

    Very dramatic! I feel sad that you had to shoot it! It looks as if it were saying: “At last; sunshine!” 🙂

  3. skuk2 says:

    Thanks M, I think your right. All the plants and people seemed to be happy to see the sun again that day.

  4. martin says:

    i really like the shadow on the brick wall, nicely found and captured – but i admit i have some troubles with the picture. even if the “arms” immediately catches your eye i start soon to wander away and i get lost, and i find it a bit hard to know where i should focus. i think it’s the very little difference in colour/texture of the ground and the wall that gives me problems. i would love to see this shot either focusing only on the wall and that part of the shadow, or including a bit more of the ground so you (i) more easily understand the shadow of the stem continuing up on the wall making the hands up gesture. well, anyway – i do like the picture and the gold touched light.

    • skuk2 says:

      I can see your point Martin, due to the low light also shining on the fallen leaves there isn’t a great difference in the colours between the floor and the wall, especially to the left of the image.

      Maybe next time I’m up that way I’ll check out some more angles, see if I can get a part of the tree in too. If only we could get some more of that lovely sunshine as well … 🙂

      • martin says:

        i do hope you’ll see that sunshine again! 🙂
        and when you do,pass some on to sweden as well, it’s been a while here too…

  5. Sallyann says:

    Thanks for the smiles. 🙂

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