A Munro is the description given to a mountain which resides in the greatest country in the world (aka Scotland) whose height is 3,000 feet or over (which is about 914.4 metres in new money).

At present there are 283 such mountains, however, as technology becomes more advanced, and more accurate measurements are possible, this list is continually being updated by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

A popular activity has arisen amongst hill-walkers called “Munro Bagging”. This simply involves a visit to each of these mountains’ summits so it can be ticked off the list, and officially classed as bagged by that individual.

I must admit that I didn’t really “get into” hill-walking until the day my dad bought a little 2 berth cruiser and moored it on Lake Windemere in the Lake District area of the UK. This is a fabulous corner of the UK and was ideal for exploring the hills and valleys.

I had never been to this area before and little did I know how much that first visit would have an effect on me.  I can safely say that I was taken aback by it’s sheer beauty. It was one of those moments in life when you just know where you want to be, what you want to do, and how come I’d never know about this until now.

My daughter was only just learning to walk at the time so I couldn’t venture too high on this first visit, however, my desire to explore the heights further had been ignited. With the usual responsibilities that go with general life I never got to the hills as much I would have liked (and sadly I still don’t) but I tried to convince my wife at every opportunity that the annual holiday would be nice in The Lakes.

My wife shared this passion with me for a little while and just after we completed The Three Peak Challenge (albeit in a slightly more relaxed fashion i.e. three peaks in three days) she bought me a book by Cameron McNeish which made up my mind for me that I would attempt to complete the full list of Munros.

I have created these pages for anyone who may wish to follow my Munro journey. I also hope to post a few images of the great views that are possible (depending on the great Scottish weather) from up high in these grandest of mountains – hope to see you at the end!


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