The answer to life, the universe and everything!

I noticed my wife’s tape measure lying on her craft table one day and realised the way it was wound up made some nice shapes and would probably make a good close-up image. I took a quick picture with my phone and posted it on my Instagram page. I liked the result so thought it might be worth taking a ‘proper’ image of the measure with my ‘proper’ camera.

I pondered over which number to make the focus of the image, originally thinking I’d do my age, then my ‘celebrity’ age, then my lucky number, eventually settling on the number 42 which, depending on what you believe is “…the answer to life, the universe and everything…”


Alternative Sunset

Well what can I say!

We all decided to go down to Widemouth Bay beach of an evening to watch the sun go down after we’d exhausted ourselves all day playing in the waves. Me and a friend decided to take our cameras to get some nice photos, however, the children had other ideas. Boring old landscape shots, they were having none of it.

I didn’t mind really because some of the things they were doing certainly made us laugh. This is my nephew Matthew jumping for all he’s worth.

He soon got tired, as most teenagers do, so I managed to get some ‘boring’ shots.


Last weekend was the time of our annual family get together in Bude, Cornwall.

This has taken place for the last 5 years and I look forward to it now. I wasn’t too keen on the getting in the cold sea bit at first but now I’ve done it a few times it’s really not that bad. Body boarding with the extended family and seeing the neices and nephews having a great time makes it all the more fun.

This time, however, I was struck down with the dreaded man-flu so didn’t spend as much time in the sea as I’d liked. I took time away to stroll further along Widemouth Bay where I took some photos.

The tide was going out and as the sea rushed away it made ripples over the shapes in the sand below. Trying to make out things in these shapes kept me entertained for ages. Some looked like the spine of some creature buried, waiting to be unearthed.

I think the use of a polarising filter might have been useful in this image but I didn’t have one. This one just reminded me of wriggling worms, or coral snakes (not quite the same colour I know but my imagination is a bit strange sometimes).