Spooky wood

I’ve walked the path through these woods a lot and feel totally at ease when I do.

I thought I knew them quite well but I only recently noticed these trees apparently lined up leading down deeper into the wood. I don’t know why but I had a fleeting moment of unease. It didn’t last long but it hatched an image. I wanted to see if I could make these woods look a bit spooky.

With a bit of underexposure, a hint of split toning, and a smidgeon of vertical motion blur it’s now a wood I’d be wary of on a full moon.





Another image taken on my New Year’s day walk, same bright day as my last post.

I deliberately went for the under-exposed sihouette shot this time as I noticed a fellow walker heading to the Wavering Down trig point. Shooting into the light was ideal and shooting in RAW (as I always do now) I new I’d have some scope to play with the exposure.

I thought the mono treatment would work best but the sun was so welcome that day I wanted to remember it so added a touch of sepia to the highlights just to warm the image up a fraction.


Stick ‘Em Up

New Year’s Day was bright sunshine for a change, perfect for a walk up my favourite local hill. Only problem is everyone else had the same idea – I guess I can share the hill.

The walk starts with an ascent through a wooded area before reaching open flat ground on the path to the summit. With the sun quite low still it created some nice shadows. I noticed this shadow of a large tree against a low wall. It appeared to be reaching for the skies – I shot it anyway!

Tree Shadow