Alternative Sunset

Well what can I say!

We all decided to go down to Widemouth Bay beach of an evening to watch the sun go down after we’d exhausted ourselves all day playing in the waves. Me and a friend decided to take our cameras to get some nice photos, however, the children had other ideas. Boring old landscape shots, they were having none of it.

I didn’t mind really because some of the things they were doing certainly made us laugh. This is my nephew Matthew jumping for all he’s worth.

He soon got tired, as most teenagers do, so I managed to get some ‘boring’ shots.

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2 comments on “Alternative Sunset

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    I like that, Steve! There is of course the sunset on its own – and the lovely shape of the burn-out on the horizon (with its “hat” of rays firing out heavenwards), and then the burn-out on the beach and then >>> those footprints on the beach, which I think bring a lot to the shot.

    All of that would be good on its own – but Matt’s suspended form – with one foot just touching the horizon – brings a whole lot more to the shot, really lifting it I think. Good stuff!

    And I see shots of mine on the right here – many thanks! Adrian

  2. skuk2 says:

    Thanks for the comments Adrian. Was a great weekend that already seems so long ago.

    All shots I ‘Like’ are posted on my pages, hope they generate some more followers for you.

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