Man-made forest

A short time ago I seen an article in one of the photography magazines I subscribe to and thought it was great, so great in fact I thought I’d try it too. It was simple, just drop some food colouring into a container of water and watch what amazing patterns that are created by the invisible forces.

There was a bit of work to do i.e. cropping, levels adjustments, moving layers to get the final image but it is worth it. Also, by rotating the image 180 degrees you can get the patterns to resemble a small forest of sorts -well maybe one you’d find on another planet.

Here are a couple of my attempts, I particularly like the green one.

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4 comments on “Man-made forest

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Great stuff, Steve, I like these a lot! The 180 degree rotation is perfect – as you say, they look like trees – and its the black one that really does it for me – maybe it looks more like a mono photo. Adrian

  2. MikeP says:

    What a cool idea… I love when I stumble on something this creative.

    • skuk2 says:

      Thanks Mike, it took a bit of patience until I got the shapes I was after.
      It was a great fun project, waiting to see what shape would appear next, every one was different.

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