Waiting For The Washing

I was looking at some older images and found one I took a short while ago while wandering aimlessly through my garden. By getting low I could get an unusual angle on these washing pegs, hanging around waiting to be given a task.

I posted a mono version on my Home page then played around a bit with the Glowing Edges filter in Photoshop to create this one – I quite like it.

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4 comments on “Waiting For The Washing

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Very different, Steve, and I certainly like it! The angle and orientation of the washing lines is spot on – and especially so with the very small length in the top right corner, the photo would be less without that – and the placing / spacing of the three pegs is excellent. The reduction to pure black and white works well too – good stuff! Adrian

    • skuk2 says:

      Thanks Adrian, I agree about the small length in the top right, would be too big a gap without it. First time I’d used that filter, and didn’t realise it would have such a dramatic effect. I might try that again now I know what it does

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